How It Works


Adventures is partnering up with adventure businesses to create a total adventure package for 2014. The management of Adventures Pass have been online and offline marketing machines for the last 25 years. We have invested into technologies that have grown the paintball industry and now we would like to use this to grow your businesses.

Most of us have used or are currently using the daily deal sites. We have had great success online over the past 3 years and we are seeing a change in the industry. We are looking forward to the next phase of combined marketing campaigns including deal sites, social media, fundraisers as well as direct sales to increase revenues for all us by working together. We are going create more compelling packages for consumers, while increasing revenues for all the adventure businesses that participate.

how it works

The "Adventures Pass" will feature locally based adventure businesses. The pass will offer local customers discounts on activities such as: Paintball, Rafting, Kayaking, Skiing, Camping, Fly Fishing Lessons, Fishing Charters, Rock Climbing, Sky Diving, Scuba Lessons, Zip Lining, Jet Skiing, Paddle Boarding, Bike Rentals etc. We will also feature discounts on events such as Mud Runs, 5K -10k runs, Triathlons, Zombie Paintball to name a few.

By working together we will create a great value to the consumers and maximize revenues by having the customers pay the merchants directly.

how to participate

Participation is FREE! We handle ALL costs associated with marketing including professionally designed marketing pieces, websites, customer service, staffing, event fees and more.

All you need to do is:
  1. Include one free introductory session i.e. one free game or one free training session. This works great for those businesses that offer multiple games or future training sessions. Free offers will be featured first.
  2. If #1 does not fit your business you can simply offer 50% off your full price fair. You may place certain restrictions on the ticket as long as it not too restricted.
  3. BOTH #1 and #2 combined. Businesses can offer a free introductory service and then a 50% offer on an upgraded or extended service.

how you will be marketed

Deal Sites

We will continue to market through the daily deal sites.

Direct Buy Pages

With the Adventure Card websites (coming soon) will offer limited sales through search engine optimized direct buy pages.

Social Media

By utilizing all the available avanues, we create referral programs, fundraisers and co-op advertising campaigns.

Trade Shows

We have a professional team that works trade shows and events that would be a good fit for adventure focused people.

Direct Sales

Our direct sales team will focus on local business professionals in the area.


We will be working with local businesses and organizations to offer the Adventures Pass to their members and raise money for their group.

how to redeem tickets

Each ticket will include the information regarding the offer for your location including additional fees, restriction and expiration dates. The ticket redemption process is easy. Each ticket has 3 methods of tracking:

Individual Ticket #

This ticket # can be redeemed by logging into the Adventures Pass website and entering the ticket.

QR Code

Tickets can be easily scanned with any smart phone using a free QR Scanner app.

Bar Code

Each ticket will have a bar code that you can scan.

the benefits

  • There is NO COST to the merchants to participate. This means you do not have to invest into advertising campaigns or accepting only 25% or your normal price through deal sites directly.
  • Our dashboard management system allows you to easily login and track the results of campaigns, email customers that have redeemed their pass at your location as well as see the additional revenues that have been created from our marketing efforts.
  • We provide our own 24/7 customer service department. Our trained staff is available to help customers in every way from question they have about the locations, additional costs, explanation of the deals, redemption issues as well as overall service questions or problems. We pride ourselves in the highest level of customer service for the deal site, sales reps, merchants and customers.
  • Our reps are trained to explain and sell the deal to customers before, during and after a campaign. This means that owners do not have to have a staff member dedicated to the phones and deal sites and sales reps are assured that customers are being helped in an efficient and timely manner saving everyone time and money. It also means they owners can focus on running their facility or working their "regular job" while we handle the calls from a campaign. We also are able to take the time with the customers where owners may be overwhelmed with calls and unable to answer them all.
  • We work with multiple locations in one market so the reach of the campaign covers a broader market area. We work with you to know exactly what your facility can handle and have an open door of consistent communication to make sure you are able to provide a high level of service. As fellow merchants we speak your language and know many of your day to day challenges.

you're invited

Maximum exposure to your target demographic for zero dollars is why this is an effective marketing solution. We are inviting safe, highly rated businesses to participate.

If you feel this type of exposure would benefit your businesses and would like more information we would be happy to refer you to our national representative. Please complete the form to discuss the specifics of getting signed up.

Click to view our demo video to learn more.



Adventures Pass is your pass to half price adventures. With your pass you will receive 50% off all types of adventure activities along with a bunch free activities. If you like having fun doing things like skiing, rafting, boating, jet skiing, fishing, paintballing or camping to name a few, this is the pass for you.

the pass

This pass includes huge savings on fun things around your area featuring local adventure companies that you may not have had the chance to visit. Our goal is to introduce active local people to the best activities in and around their city to experience great adventures at half price.

View the current Adventures Pass.

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how to use your pass

Redeem Ticket

Click on the "Redeem Tickets" link.

Enter your information

Enter your voucher number and all the required information and click "Redeem".

Print tickets and take to merchants

You will receive an email with your tickets that you need to print and take with you to the merchants.


Have a great time and thank you for using Adventures Pass.